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Private Retreat Center

Perfect conference center to gather large groups of people away from the city for private meetings, weddings, reunions and special events.

Luxury Campground

This is the perfect place to explore, play & enjoy nature on your own private campground with all the modern luxuries of being home. The property is also conveniently located near Public Lakes, National Parks and en route to Mount Rushmore & Sturgis.

Hunting Outfitter 

This property is located on one of America’s largest undisturbed grasslands which is home to some of the best hunting for wild deer, pheasants, ducks and much more!

Athletic Training Camp 

Are you seeking a premier training location for your entire team? Look no further! Our facility offers the ideal setting for your team to train free from distractions. Enjoy the versatility of being able to accommodate your entire team and train inside a massive gymnasium with equipment or train outdoors amidst the breathtaking Nebraska Sandhills. This combination ensures an optimal training environment, enabling your team to reach their full potential.

Prepper Community

This property is perfectly located hundreds of miles away from all major metropolitan areas and yet can be accessed in most vehicles on only one tank of gas. The driveway is almost half a mile long, the campus is perfectly secluded, it has sustainable fresh water, abundant wildlife and plenty of room for growth.

Rehabilitation Center

Secluded location, beautiful scenery, plenty of housing, countless activities, dozens of rooms. kitchens, offices and much more make this the perfect place to begin the healing process.

RV Park Development

This is an exceptional opportunity to develop an RV Park in a prime, historic location, surrounded by scenic views and natural wildlife. The property is situated along the route to Sturgis and Mount Rushmore, ensuring a steady stream of visitors every year. With the right development, this site has the potential to become a premier destination for RV enthusiasts and travelers from around the country.

Co-Housing Community

Looking for a place to build community away from the madness of the city? This is your place. Everything you need is here. Private & shared housing/dining, office spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, recreation center, workshops, farming, ranching, hunting, and much more!

Personal Private Estate

Imagine a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and focus on what truly matters – your loved ones. This enchanting place offers unparalleled privacy and tranquility, nestled amidst breathtaking scenery. Are you seeking a serene & secluded haven for your family to reconnect and create lasting memories? Look no further! With spacious & comfortable accommodations, this is your family’s home away from home for reunions, celebrations, relaxation, rejuvenation and bonding.

Tactical Training Facility

Located miles away from the city, this property provides the perfect place to train without limits. The property comes fully equipped with indoor & outdoor training facilities, classrooms and sleeping accommodations for several dozens of people.

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